Tapes, Wraps and Gauze

Ice Packs - Large ea. 325 Instant Cold Compress temporarily relieves minor pain and swelling for sprains, aches and sore joints. It is conveniently disposable with no pre-chilling required for quick, effective relief. Store in a cool, dry place. May be harmful if swallowed.

Can not be shipped by air

Large Ice pack in box $1.45

Cohesive Elastic Bandage Wrap 3" x 5 yard 403 3"x 5 yd. Cohesive elastic bandage wrap you can tear, tan, Latex free self-adherent and easy-to-tear bandage is lightweight, porous. Its crepe-like texture makes it ideal for those difficult-to-bandage areas. It's also easy to tear, so you'll use only the amount you need $1.95

Tri-Cut Tape 1 roll 433 2"x 5 yard roll tape. Cut into three widths. On plastic roll with plastic cover. Waterproof.

1 Roll tri cut tape $2.95

Gauze Pads - Sterile 3"x3" Box of 10 443 Comes in easy to open dispenser box. Individually wrapped. For use for burns, cuts & abrasions. For use as a wet absorbent dressing.

#0443 Box of 10 ea. $1.25

Gauze - Sterile Roll 3" (each) 413 Conformaing 3" strech gauze bandage.

Individually wrapped single count $1.05